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Copper Country Voter Guide 2012

2012 Voter Guide

Jeffrey Dennis's response is missing from 2012 Voter Guide. We were able to print his response on 2nd printing in the Daily Mining Gazette.

Candidate Response 2012

NOVEMBER 12, General Election Lake Linden-Hubbell School Board of Education School Board Candidate
Term January 2013 to December 2016
Jeffrey Dennis
812 Calumet St, PO BOX 115, Lake Linden
Phone 906 296-1481
Present occupation: Funeral Director
Education: Bachelor of Science: Mortuary Science, University of Minnesota
Background info: Copper Country Native, owner of Pearce Funeral Home in Lake Linden; 2 children currently attending Lake Linden-Hubbell Elementary
1. The issues facing our school that are of the biggest concern to me are: In the face of ever tighten budgets, we need to make certain that we continue to provide and maintain programs, invest in tools and technology, and provide educational opportunities in a safe and healthy environment that promotes learning for our children.
2. With the current budget issues our school is facing, we have had to find creative ways to do more with less. We need to continue to support financial stability and administrative efficiency, but, at the same time, continue to promote the educational soundness of Lake Linden-Hubbell Schools.
3. I would like to see Lake Linden-Hubbell Schools continue to provide and enhance educational opportunities for our children in a positive environment that prepares our students for productive futures.

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